Healthy Oils Objectives:

  • To provide small organic farmers with a market for their products.
  • To provide existing organic farmers with the opportunity to expand their production.
  • To encourage non-organic farmers to convert to organic farming.
  • To pay farmers a fair price for their products.
  • To buy produce from certified farmers complying to strict organic standards.
  • To provide its customers with excellent products at affordable prices.
  • To help independent shops provide an alternative to supermarkets.


Committed To You:

We are totally committed to offering you a wider and more affordable range of organic products.

At the same time we strongly believe that organic producers, including UK ones, need a fair price for their products, which covers the cost of production and gives a reasonable return.

Are You an Independent Retailer?

We are also constantly looking for new independent retailers to supply. If you are an independent retailer, who likes to support an independent importer/distributor with high ethical standards then send us an e-mail.

We can supply you with superior quality organic products that cannot be bought anywhere else.