Organic Olive Oil


“Fresh and full-bodied olive oil”. Head Chef Chris Wicks from Bell's Diner Restaurant, Bristol.


The Mediterranean, with its hot dry summers and cool winters is the ideal habitat of the olive tree. Olive oil is the oil obtained from the fruit of the olive tree in a mechanical manner: the liquid is pressed out of the olives.

For generations the Luque family has been tending the olives and in 1990 it began cultivating organically. This is in order to produce the highest quality extra virgin olive oil and also due to the obvious benefits to the environment. The character and high quality of the Luque olive oil means it is ideal for use in salads, dressings, sauces, dips and cooking.

The olive groves have remained in the family for more than a century, and they are located in the village of Castrodel Rio, near Cordoba, Spain. This area is in the heart of Andalucia and is within the denomination of origin Baena, one of the world’s most prestigious denominations for olive oil.


The Luque family are firmly committed to organic farming and this ensures that the Luque olive oil is absolutely free from insecticides, pesticides and synthetic fertilizers. The system of cold pressing helps to produce a pure and clean olive oil making sure that none of its properties are altered. The combination of organic farming and cold pressing produces an olive oil that has retained its full nutritional qualities and taste.


Extra virgin olive oil is the highest quality olive oil and its acidity (oleic acid) must not exceed 0.8%. All extra virgin olive oil comes from a single (first) pressing. The Luque olive oil is very low in acidity – less than 0.4%.


The control and certification that extra virgin olive oil is produced exclusively from organic farming is carried out annually by El Comite Andaluz de Agricultura Ecologica (CAAE). Also the system of traceability employed allows the family to show exactly where the oil comes from. Every bottle and tin is numbered and this enables the family to identify from which trees the olive oil of each individual container came from.


This wonderful olive oil is available in bottles of ½ litre and 1 litre and tins of ¾ litre, 3 litre and 5 litre. Olive oil with a scent of either fruit or of oil fresh from pressing is believed to be excellent. The Luque olive oil is both  fruity and possesses that scent of oil fresh from pressing. Enjoy it.