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              MED SALT

             NATURAL SEA SALT

“Pure natural flavour, great for all use.”  Chef Jonny Evans from Dewsall Court, Hereford.

This is a pure, natural, unrefined salt with nothing added. This sea salt is the result of the evaporation of the sea water and the energy from the sun and the wind which crystallize it. The organic process of extraction and drying that is used ensures that naturally occurring trace elements and minerals are retained.

The salt pans are located within the River Ebro Delta Nature Reserve, which was established as a Biosphere Reserve in May 2013 under the auspices of UNESCO.

A Biosphere Reserve is a voluntary cooperative, conservation reserve created to protect the biological and cultural diversity of a region while promoting sustainable economic development.

Natural sea salt has been produced in this region since the sixteenth century. The Altava family have been involved in salt production since 1926.

Natural crystallization by the combined actions of the sun and wind, traditional harvesting and handling without chemical products, guarantee excellent taste and high quality.

This natural product is available in bags of 1 kilo (fine or coarse).

Enjoy it.

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