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Yes, bring about change through ethical consumption. We are an organisation with very high ethical standards and we strongly believe that we can all make a difference.

We disapprove of organisations that cause environmental damage, use child labour and exploit human beings for profit.

We buy from organisations that are making a positive contribution to improving the environment. We buy from farmers that:

- are involved in pollution control

- are involved in the development or use of renewable energy

- encourage and maintain good working conditions

- produce food without the use of pesticides

We do not buy from organisations that:

  • clear forests

  • operate in countries with a poor human rights record

Bring about change through ethical consumption. Ethical consumption is one of a variety of approaches and tools that all of us as consumers can use to give voice to our concerns. Healthy Oils has been set up to respond to people’s concerns and to enable us to think about living in a way that is responsible and sustainable.

Buy Locally Produced Food

Support Your Local Independent Shops

By buying locally produced food you are bringing about positive change. However, due to the climate there are many foods that cannot be produced in this country e.g. olives. We strongly believe that these foods should be sourced as close to the UK as possible. We should not be running to California, for instance, looking to buy olives when we can get them from European Union countries like Italy, Greece and Spain. This is one of many reasons why we import products only from European Union countries.

By shopping at your local independent stores you can play your part in creating a fair, free and environmentally friendly world. Know where your food comes from – support your local independent shops.

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