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“Fresh tasting, smooth olive oil that can be used in any dish” Head Chef Simeon Goodman from Bones Restaurant, London. 

For thousands of years Greece has been producing olive oil. The Makri family has been involved in the production of olive oil for four generations. The olive trees can be found in the region of Arcadia in the Peloponesse, southern Greece. Here the cultivation of the land has always played a very big part in the lives of the people.

The Makri family have formed a cooperative together with the other olive oil producers in the village of Elaiohori, which in Greek means the village of olives. Having their own fields and the pressing mill nearby enables the farmers of this part of Greece to bring their raw olives to be pressed significantly reducing the cost of transportation and the consumption of CO2.  It also enables the farmers to control the whole process, from picking the olives to bottling the olive oil.

Arcadia is an olive oil extracted from the superior quality Manaki olives that are grown organically. Harvesting is carried out by hand, when the olives reach their correct point of maturity. The oil is produced using the traditional “cold press” technique which takes place within 8 to 10 hours of picking the olives.

The Mediterranean climate, the soil in this region of Greece, alongside the use of traditional harvesting techniques help to produce an olive oil with a low acidity level and an astonishingly pure flavour. Use Arcadia organic extra virgin olive oil instead of other cooking oils and create a gourmet dish from any recipe. Arcadia olive oil enhances the flavour of all herbs and spices whilst complementing their natural aroma.

A small amount of this organic extra virgin olive oil is sufficient to give your food a rich, aromatic flavour. It is ideal for use on grilled meat and fish, baked potatoes, pasta, salads and vegetables. It can also be used in cakes or bread, instead of butter. Use it for frying eggs, bacon and for stir frying vegetables. Try it on toast and on sandwiches, it is a delicious alternative to margarine or butter.

This exceptional olive oil is available in bottles of ½ litre and 1 litre and tins of 3 litre and 5 litre. Due to its smooth juicy and fresh taste it has now become an extremely popular organic olive oil in the UK.  

The Arcadia olive oil is obtained from organic raw olives, pressed within hours of harvesting. Enjoy it.

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